Bulk Cement Semi trailer


Common bulk cement semi trailer are divided into V type, W type, and silo tyoe, depending on the transport weight and the local national laws and regulations, we will recommend the most reasonable specifications for you.

Cement bulk trailer can be used to transport different bulk materials, cement, fly ash, lime powder, for useable items, including wheat flour, flour, etc., can be transported using the cement bulk tanker, bulk cement truck trailer material can be divided into carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum alloy.

Bulk Cement Semi Trailer For Sale

Bulk Cement Semi Trailer Specifications

Brand: PANDA Mech Bulk Cement tankers For Sale
Volume: 25/30/35/40/45/50/55/60/70 cbm/m3
Capacity: 30/35/40/45/50/55/60/80/120 ton
Engine: WeiCai Deutz diesel moto
Compressor: SK 12m3
Manhole Cover: 2 to 4 sets 700mm diameter
Dimension: 7350-14500 * 2550 * 3900-4000 mm (b double * 2)
Landing Gear: JOST 28T
Suspension: Mechanical suspension or Air suspension
Axle: 2 to 4 sets, 13,16,20 ton axles, BPW or SAF
Tire: 12R22.5, 385/65R22.5, 13R22.5, 12.00R24, 315/80R22.5
King Pin: JOST 2″ or 3.5 detachable type
Parts: Pneumatic handrail, Famous brand engine, Axle, Tire, Water-proof wires, pipe, Valves, Inner air bag, Landing gear, side guard and toolbox, Manhole cover, blower, air compressor.

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Panda Mech

With world-leading technology, Panda has 20 years of experience in semi-trailer production and has invested mass resources in R&D to update equipment. From tanker to tipper, we hope our trailers will solve your transportation issue perfectly.

Bulk Cement Semi Trailer Accessories Detail

cement trailer tank


Bulk cement trailer tank material generally is carbon or aluminum. In comparison, carbon steel bulk cement trailer truck is cheaper and heavier. Aluminum bulk cement trailer truck trailer price is more expensive but lighter, more suitable for countries with limited weight.

Air Compressor

Bulk cement transport tanker semi trailer air compressor is powered by diesel engine, then the air compressor will compress and inject air into the tank, when the pressure reaches 0.2Mpa, the discharge valve will be opened to unloading the cement or other goods. Loading is carried out through the manhole cover.

cement bulker trailer air compressor
cement tanker trailer tire

Axle & Tire

Bulk cement trailer generally has 2/3/4 axles, the most common is 3 axle. Each axle has 4 tires, tire type is generally 12R/22.5.


Heavy equipment bulk cement tanker semi trailer truck leg is divided into single-action and linkage, when the cement tanker and tractor are separated, the leg needs to be raised for support; when the bulk cement tanker trailer is working, the leg needs to be retracted.

cement bulker
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Bulk Cement Semi Trailer Drawing

Bulk cement tank semi trailer is divided into v type and w type, if you have some customized needs, we will specially design the drawing and then produce them.

Bulk Cement Semi Trailer Applications

Construction industry

The construction industry often requires the use of bulk semi trailers. The manufacture of buildings requires large amounts of cement, so we often see cement bulk tanker semi trailer and concrete mixer trucks on construction sites.

Cement Plants

Cement plants also need to use bulk cement tanker trucks frequently, cement plants need to transport cement often, the traditional way of transporting cement is easy to cause moisture, and is vulnerable to bad weather, and the transportation cost is relatively high.

City construction

A large amount of cement is needed for urban infrastructure construction, including railroads and buildings. Therefore, dry bulk carrier is often needed in urban construction.

Production Facility

bulk cement tanker trailer factory
cement trailer factory
Cement bulker trailer Production
dry bulk carrier truck trailer Production
bulk tanker truck trailer Production
China bulk powder tanker Production
cement silo tanker trailer Production
cement bulker truck trailer Production


Are You A Factory Or Trading Company ?

We are a manufacturer and have our own factory for 20+ years. We have engaged machanical design experts to design and improve our products as well as provide online technical support. 

How Long Is The Quality Guarantee ?

Tank Structural: 3 years, Chassis: 3 years, Painting: 3 years, Pipework: 1 year, Hydraulic hoses: 6 month, Support brackets: 1 year, Hose tray: 1 year, Ladder: 1 year, Handrails and brackets: 6 month.

What Is The Procession Of This Purchase ?

When the bulk cement truck is finished, we will take pictures to you to make final confirmation, then you can pay the balance. After we have got your payment, the trailer will be delivered to you through shipment.

How Should I Pay For My Order ?

You can do 30% prepayment at first. When the trailer is finished, the 70% final payment should be balanced before shipment.

How Long Is The Delivery Time ?

It depends on the transportation distance and local policies, usually it takes 7–40 days.

Which countries have you exported to ?

We have exported to many countries in Africa, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America, and North America, such as the Philippines, Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, Guatemala, Honduras, etc…

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